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A Table simulator Review bomb is underway after a trans user was banned from the game’s chat. The user alleges that the developers banned her because she is a gay and trans woman, and numerous negative reviews indicate that it is is the reason for their score.

Why is it Table simulator bomb review is going on?

On Twitter, user Xoe details his experiences with Table simulator. She shows screenshots which show that she is banned by one of the mods in the game after declaring that she is gay. She then takes to the Table simulator Discord to find out the reason for its ban. Mods tell him that Table simulator the chat is not a place to discuss “sexuality, fetishes, politics”. Xoe then asks if that means mods view trans identity as a fetish or political, to which she receives no answer. After that, she comes back to the chat as a different user, talking about being straight and cis, and is not banned or even warned. However, by mentioning a genuine sexual fetish, her account is instantly banned, thus suggesting that trans identity is indeed equated with sexuality as a general issue by the Table simulator mods. You can see Xoe’s document with supporting evidence here.

Table simulator bombarded due to an ongoing dispute between in-game mods and a trans woman banned from chat.

In response to the situation, a review bomb is underway on the game’s Steam page, and frankly, it’s a mess. Several negative reviews were submitted, showing their solidarity with Xoe, with one critic stating that “bigotry is not welcome” in the games industry and another describing developer Berserk Games as “transphobic and homophobic”. However, there’s also a kind of counter-review bomb going on, with users submitting positive reviews that are supposed to support the mods (although many reviews are themselves transphobic and homophobic).

How did Berserk Games respond to Xoe’s allegations?

For its part, Berserk Games denies any wrongdoing. In a Twitter response to the situation, Berserk says that Xoe “spared different keywords for the purpose of being reported,” and that this was subsequently misinterpreted as an identity ban. However, following this tweet, Berserk posted a trace in which he claims to have disabled global chat “as we re-evaluate our moderation process”. Berserk says he listens to allegations from the LGBTQ + community and acknowledges that his moderation process “failed.” However, Xoe says it’s “too little too late” as the mod that equated her identity with “sexuality, fetishes, [and] policy “on Table simulatorThe Discord page is still active and no one has tried to tell it about their experience.

The cat Xoe says got him banned from Tabletop Simulator
It’s a little hard to see, but it’s the Table simulator Xoe cat has provided proof of his ban on expressing his identity.

The mod in question, CHRY, provided their own answer to the situation too. In the response, CHRY says they “will not give in” to accusations of being transphobic or doing anything other than “poorly thought out answers.” CHRY says they want to apologize to anyone who was hurt by “rash” “regardless of context” responses. This has led Twitter users to accuse CHRY of “no apologies” and of not trying enough to address the issues Xoe raised in her original complaint. It is this conflict that drives the bomb of revision on Table simulator; positive reviewers want to express their support for CHRY, while negative reviews express support for Xoe.

What exactly is an exam bomb?

The phrase “review bomb” refers to a game that is disproportionately targeted by negative (or sometimes positive) reviews that do not actually contain a review of that game. For example, a negative review can be submitted to the Steam page of a game by a user, but this review is simply a review of the game’s microtransaction strategy and not an honest and holistic assessment of the game itself. Monetization methods, poor optimization, and a lack of support for one feature or another are all very common points of interest for review bombs.

Life is Strange: True Colors, a game that has been bombarded with reviews
Life is Strange: True Colors was sprayed for its use of the Tibetan flag.

Additionally, games are also often criticized when players disagree with a decision made by the developers or with an issue that arises around the game. Examples include Life is Strange: True Colors bombarded review by Chinese players on the use of the Tibetan flag and Super hot VR be reviewed by gamers unhappy with the developers’ decision to remove self-harm scenes from the game. Perhaps the most famous recent example would be The Last of Us Part II, which has come under bombardment for its supposed “SJW agenda”.

It is unlikely that the review bomb wars surrounding Table simulator will explode anytime soon. We’ll have to wait and see what happens next; Berserk Games appears to be keen to address community concerns, but Xoe (and several other trans Table simulator players) are already talking about switching to another platform. Of course, we’ll tell you more about it as soon as we have it.

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GNO Inc. launches website to promote entrepreneurial ecosystem https://68long.com/gno-inc-launches-website-to-promote-entrepreneurial-ecosystem/ Mon, 10 Jan 2022 15:14:20 +0000 https://68long.com/gno-inc-launches-website-to-promote-entrepreneurial-ecosystem/

NEW ORLEANS – Greater New Orleans Inc. has announced the launch of StartupNOLA.com, a website designed to support and promote the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by helping founders, investors and job seekers learn about the region’s startup community and supporting assets.

The site aims to build on the momentum created by the city’s record number of tech releases in 2021. These include the sale of Lucid for $ 1.1 billion, SunPro Solar for $ 850 million and Levelset for $ 500 million.

“StartupNOLA will help connect, develop and promote the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the 10 parishes to create jobs, businesses and wealth in Southeast Louisiana,” said Gay Le Breton, CEO of Chaffe & Associates , in a press release announcing the launch of the new website. “With the combination of the region’s universities and cutting-edge manufacturing, technology and healthcare industries, we have the intellectual infrastructure to accelerate the development of startups in our market. The recent success of local startups, as evidenced by the increased level of growth and exits of large New Orleans companies, will attract even more capital and participation in this market. “

GNO Inc. says New Orleans’ low cost of living and the high number of minority and female-owned startups make it an attractive choice for investors.

“Greater New Orleans has a strong and growing entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said Michael Hecht, President and CEO of Greater New Orleans Inc. “We felt that a single point of entry to this community would help Make it more accessible and more impactful for founders, investors, and even people who want to work in new companies.

The StartupNOLA website includes a database of startups in the market, a list of supporting organizations and assets in the market, descriptions of local industries for job seekers, blog updates on the ecosystem news and more.

The StartupNOLA database was developed with the help of Idea Village, the Albert Lepage Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Tulane University and Propeller. Entrepreneurial organizations can use the Admission form to provide submissions to be added to the directory.

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David Bowie nailed systemic racism in the music industry almost 40 years ago https://68long.com/david-bowie-nailed-systemic-racism-in-the-music-industry-almost-40-years-ago/ Mon, 10 Jan 2022 11:44:55 +0000 https://68long.com/david-bowie-nailed-systemic-racism-in-the-music-industry-almost-40-years-ago/ David Bowie gave a tutorial on the alliance in a 1983 interview on Racism in Music. (Screenshot via YouTube)

David Bowie took issue with MTV’s lack of black representation in the ’80s.

The iconoclastic musician passed away six years ago on January 10, 2016. He passed away just days after his 69th birthday, which fell on January 8.

As fans remember Bowie, many pointed to a 1983 interview in which he criticized MTV for excluding black performers as an example of why he remains so beloved.

Bowie called out the then-two-year-old network about how he rarely, if ever, played black artists during prime time slots.

In a stale hotel room, the kind where a wet dishcloth has more personality, the artist asked MTV video jockey Mark Goodman why a network referred to as a musical bulletin board would omit black performers.

In the clip, he goes on to suggest that MTV silenced black musicians because they were “scared to death.”

David Bowie asked MTV why it only shows white performers.

The singer began his withdrawal from MTV with a compliment. He said the music broadcaster had a “strong business” with “many advantages”.

But then, frankly, he added, “I’m just stunned that there are so few black artists featured, why is that?”

Bowie watched Goodman attempt to justify why the channel omitted black performers, saying it was trying to shift its programming “in that direction.”

“We want to play artists who match what we want to play for MTV,” he added, noting that MTV executives were doing “restricted circulation”, that is, when programmers target specific groups of people, rather than the general population.

“It’s obvious,” Bowie replied.

“The only black performers we see are from around 2:30 am to around 6 am, very few are presented mainly during the day.

“It seems there are a lot of black artists who make great music videos and I’m surprised they’re not on MTV.”

Goodman, in mixing, explained that all viewers would have their own unique perceptions of MTV programming based on what they actually listen to and see.

Bowie countered that a lot of black artists create amazing music that black stations broadcast. Why wasn’t MTV?

“We have to try to do what we think not only New York and Los Angeles will enjoy, but also Poughkeepsie or Midwest,” continued Goodman.

“Pick a Midwestern town that would be scared of Prince – which we play – or a series of other black faces.”

“Isn’t that interesting? Bowie replied.

In the rest of the exchange, archived on Youtube, Goodman observed that more white artists played so-called black music, which Goodman said made it more acceptable to predominantly white MTV listeners, and that different music meant different things to people.

But Bowie made Goodman back down, noting – without saying so explicitly – that Goodman had missed his point: that music matters to black people, too, and black voice suppression was “rampant” across the United States, leaving white industry leaders to accept their institutional racism, act less like gatekeepers, and better amplify non-white singers and songwriters.

After Goodman was done, apparently having heard all he needed to hear, Bowie slipped a smile and said, “I understand your point,” before bristling with laughter.

Twitter users congratulate David Bowie on an important lesson in the alliance of almost… four decades ago.

Thousands of users applauded Bowie for his solidarity with black performers, with some remembering watching the interview on its initial airing and the rekindled resonance of his lyrics today.

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“Full House” and “America’s Funniest Home Videos” comedian Bob Saget dies: NPR https://68long.com/full-house-and-americas-funniest-home-videos-comedian-bob-saget-dies-npr/ Mon, 10 Jan 2022 03:06:00 +0000 https://68long.com/full-house-and-americas-funniest-home-videos-comedian-bob-saget-dies-npr/

Actor and comedian Bob Saget, pictured in November 2021, has died aged 65.

Phillip Faraone / Getty Images

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Phillip Faraone / Getty Images

Actor and comedian Bob Saget, pictured in November 2021, has died aged 65.

Phillip Faraone / Getty Images

Actor, comedian and director Bob Saget has died at the age of 65.

The Orange County Florida Sheriff’s Office said deputies were called to the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando on Sunday after an unconscious man was found in a hotel room.

“The man was identified as Robert Saget and was declared dead on the spot. The detectives found no sign of criminal act or drug use in this case,” he added. the sheriff’s office said. Saget was on tour and had done a show near Jacksonville a day earlier.

Saget was a significant presence on American television screens throughout the 1990s as father Danny Tanner on Full house and the host of America’s funniest home videos.

He was also the narrator of the show how I Met Your Mother from 2005 to 2014 and reprized the role of Danny Tanner in the Netflix reboot Fuller house between 2016 and 2020. And Saget has often played himself or parodies of himself in one-off or recurring roles in TV shows and movies.

Tributes have poured in on social media from co-stars and friends of Saget.

“I’m broken. I’m drained. I’m in utter shock and utter shock. I’ll never have another friend like him. I love you so much Bobby,” wrote John Stamos, a Full house co-starring.

Norman Lear Television Producer noted Saget was a close friend who “was such a lovable human as he was funny. And in my opinion he was hilarious.”

“I don’t even know what to say about Bob Saget. I loved him and was so lucky to work with someone so funny, touching and kind,” noted how I Met Your Mother co-creator Craig Thomas.

Saget also had credits as a director, his most notable being the cult favorite. Dirty work from 1998 with Norm Macdonald.

His stand-up comedy was the opposite of his healthy on-screen character

Saget was also a stand-up comedian, having started at 17, he wrote in his memory of 2014 Dirty daddy. His jokes were known to be dirty – a stark contrast to his Full house the character’s loving and healthy father character.

“During my career, I have been fortunate to be able to continuously work in radically diverse creative worlds,” he wrote. “That day I did one of the most family-friendly TV shows imaginable. Then, often that same day, I took the stage at comedy clubs in LA and left with the joy of a teenage boy. about my grandmother’s projectile diarrhea. “

Saget’s comic album 2014 This is what I’m talking about was nominated for a Grammy.

Saget also pleaded for people with scleroderma, a chronic autoimmune disease. His sister, Gay Saget, died of the disease in her forties.

In his memoir, Saget said the jokes helped him cope with the tragedy. And he offered what could have been his own farewell words in the book’s introduction.

“The point of living a full life is that in the end you have learned certain things on the journey,” he wrote. “I’m not near the end yet, but I’ve had amazing experiences already. I’ve met and worked with amazing people, I’ve lived, I loved, I cried … and through it all, I did it my way. “

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Josh Cavallo slams homophobic trolls after recent game: “Hate will never win” https://68long.com/josh-cavallo-slams-homophobic-trolls-after-recent-game-hate-will-never-win/ Mon, 10 Jan 2022 02:19:56 +0000 https://68long.com/josh-cavallo-slams-homophobic-trolls-after-recent-game-hate-will-never-win/

Shortly after her moving message, the Australian Professional League (APL) announced that it would investigate the incident.

“Our players, staff and fans have a right to feel safe on and off the pitch. There is no room for bullying, harassment or abuse in Australian football and we have no tolerance for this harmful behavior, ”said Danny Townsend, CEO of APL.

“We fully support Josh Cavallo and want to make sure he can focus on his football performances rather than vile abuse. We will continue to focus our efforts on creating safe and welcoming A-Leagues for all. “

Adelaide United and Melbourne Victory echoed similar sentiments and also expressed disappointment with fans.

“Melbourne Victory sees football as a platform to unite fans, regardless of their background. Spectators found guilty of violating these standards will be banned from future matches,” the statement said.

The homophobic incident comes months after Cavallo became the world’s first openly gay top professional footballer.

In an open letter and video, he spoke about his coming out journey and his internal struggles.

“It has been a journey to get to this point in my life, but I couldn’t be happier with my decision to come out,” he wrote.

“I’ve been battling my sexuality for six years now and I’m happy that I can put that aside.

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Brightly Dirty ‘Full House’ star and comedian Bob Saget has died at 65 https://68long.com/brightly-dirty-full-house-star-and-comedian-bob-saget-has-died-at-65/ Mon, 10 Jan 2022 01:03:00 +0000 https://68long.com/brightly-dirty-full-house-star-and-comedian-bob-saget-has-died-at-65/

Bob Saget, the actor and comedian who rose to prominence in the sitcom Full house and as a host of America’s Funniest Home Videos before completely shedding his healthy image, passed away on Sunday at the age of 65.

According to a Tweeter from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Saget was found unconscious in his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, in Grande Lakes, after authorities responded to a call at 4:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon. Authorities declared Saget dead at the scene.

“We have no information on the cause of death and detectives have found no evidence of foul play or drug use in this case,” a spokesperson for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said. in a press release. “This is all the information we have at the moment and we don’t anticipate any further updates. The medical examiner’s office will ultimately determine the cause and mode of death.

“He was everything to us and we want you to know how much he loved his fans, performing live and bringing people from all walks of life together with laughs,” Saget’s family said in a statement.

The day before his death, Saget gave a show in Jacksonville as part of his “I Don’t Do Negative” stand-up tour, which he announced last December. “Loved the show tonight @PV_ConcertHall in Jacksonville. Admiring audience. … I didn’t know I had done a 2 hour set tonight. I’m addicted to this shit again, “he wrote in his last tweet.

“Still … in shock. I just spoke with Bob a few days ago”, Gilbert Gottfried wrote. “We stayed on the phone as usual making each other laugh. RIP to a friend, comedian and aristocratic colleague Bob Saget.

“I’m broken. I’m drained. I’m in total and utter shock,” Saget’s friend and Full house co-featured John Stamos wrote. “I’ll never have another friend like him. I love you so much Bobby.

Candace Cameron Bure, who played Saget’s TV daughter DJ Tanner on the sitcom, tweeted, ” I do not know what to say. I have no words. Bob was one of the best human beings I have ever known in my life. I loved him so much. “

Saget was best known for playing Danny Tanner, the widowed patriarch of the Tanner clan, in the ABC series. Full house, which ran from 1987 to 1995. As an aggressive and clean Type A tanner, Saget spent eight seasons projecting a patriarchal heat, ending each episode by giving a moral lesson to one of his three. girls alongside a warm hug.

Through his interpretation of Danny Tanner, as well as his role as host of America’s Funniest Home Videos From 1989 to 1997, Saget cultivated an image of a healthy father, despite his roots as a stand-up comedian who worked in blue for much of his career.

He definitely lost that image with his cameo role as an addict in the 1998 cult classic. Half-cooked, as well as his appearance in the 2005 documentary The Aristocrats, which features an appearance of him telling a particularly steamy version of the titular joke.

Saget also criticized his own crisp image with a recurring appearance on the HBO series. Entourage, in which he played a crass, flirtatious, cigar-smoking version of himself. Saget’s performance on Entourage seemed to be a nod to the gulf between the actor’s comedic personality and his sane Danny Tanner character, a gap he has enjoyed playing with throughout his career.

“People ask: who are you most like, the Full house guy, or the guy on Entourage? ‘ I’m somewhere in between, “he said told NJ.com in 2013. “I’ve been in my backyard in a bathrobe, smoking a cigar, unshaven… but I’m not a misogynistic guy like that badass. He’s just a two-dimensional character. I am neither.

Saget also provided the voice and narration for Elder Ted Mosby on the long-running CBS series. How I Met Your Mother, a role he held from 2005 to 2014, and was an established director, helming Norm MacDonald’s black comedy in 1998 Dirty work, which failed at the box office but then gained cult classic status.

Saget has become an advocate for people with scleroderma, a chronic autoimmune disease that his sister Gay fought before her death in 1994 at the age of 47. Saget was a board member of the Scleroderma Research Foundation and regularly raised funds for the organization, stating on its website that its Cool Comedy Hot Cuisine fundraising events had raised $ 53 million for scleroderma research. (He made a TV movie in 1996 with Dana Delaney, For hope, inspired by her sister’s struggle with disease. Saget donated a large portion of the proceeds from the sale of the film to the foundation.)

While Saget liked to exploit the contradiction between his hotter personality and Danny Tanner’s character, he seemed to have nothing but respect for the other members of the Full house the series’ cast and legacy, appearing in multiple episodes of the franchise reboot, Netflix Fuller house. When he was first chosen, “the people [were] saying ‘He’s such a sick bastard, it’s so funny that he’s doing this part’, he Recount Willamette Week in 2016. “But it’s a game that everyone would be lucky to have if they wanted to. “

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‘No words’: Australian Josh Cavallo denounces homophobic abuse in Adelaide game https://68long.com/no-words-australian-josh-cavallo-denounces-homophobic-abuse-in-adelaide-game/ Sun, 09 Jan 2022 12:10:52 +0000 https://68long.com/no-words-australian-josh-cavallo-denounces-homophobic-abuse-in-adelaide-game/

Adelaide United defender Josh Cavallo said he had “no words” to describe his disappointment at being the victim of homophobic abuse in an A-League game last night.

Cavallo was widely acclaimed when he became the only openly gay active professional footballer in the world in October of last year.

The 22-year-old was a second-half substitute in Adelaide’s 1-1 away draw against Melbourne Victory on Saturday and said he suffered homophobic abuse from the crowd at AAMI Park.

“I’m not going to pretend I didn’t see or hear the homophobic abuse in last night’s game,” Cavallo said on Twitter. “There are no words to tell you how disappointed I was. As a society, this shows that we still face these issues in 2022.

“This should not be acceptable and we need to do more to hold these people accountable. Hate will never win. I will never apologize for living my truth and more recently who I am outside of football.

“To all the young people who have been victims of homophobic abuse, hold your head up high and keep chasing your dreams. Be aware that there is no place in the game for this. Football is a game for everyone, no matter who you are, what color your skin is or where you are from.

Cavallo also called on Facebook-owned social media sites Twitter and Instagram to do more to prevent abusive messages from being sent.

“At social media networks, @instagram and @twitter, I don’t want a child or an adult to have to receive the hateful and hurtful messages that I have received. I really knew (sic) being who I am that I was going to run into this. It’s a sad reality that your platforms aren’t doing enough to stop these messages.

“Thank you for all the positive messages, love and support as it far exceeds negativity. To the people who reached out after taking a stand at the game. Congratulations. Thank you to those fans, you m have moved. Love will always win.

Adelaide and Melbourne both condemned the abuse, saying they would work with Australia’s professional leagues to investigate further.

Australia’s football governing body subsequently expressed support for Cavallo.

He said, “Football Australia is with you, Joshua Cavallo.

“As one of Australia’s most diverse and inclusive sports, we must all work together to end homophobia and abuse, and to make football a safe space for everyone.”

(Photo: Graham Denholm / Getty Images)

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Anti-LGBTQ activists accuse hotel of trying to ‘normalize sin’ with ad that includes two fathers / LGBTQ Nation https://68long.com/anti-lgbtq-activists-accuse-hotel-of-trying-to-normalize-sin-with-ad-that-includes-two-fathers-lgbtq-nation/ Sat, 08 Jan 2022 17:34:38 +0000 https://68long.com/anti-lgbtq-activists-accuse-hotel-of-trying-to-normalize-sin-with-ad-that-includes-two-fathers-lgbtq-nation/

Two fathers discreetly escort their sleeping child to a hotel room in an advertisement for Hilton hotels.Photo: Screenshot / YouTube

One Million Moms, an evangelical astroturf group funded by the American Family Association (AFA) – which is a certified anti-LGBTQ hate group – is now attacking the Hilton hotel brand for a 15-second commercial promoting their new mobile app, as it featured two dads quietly carrying a sleeping toddler to their hotel room.

The supposed group, which is said to be led by sole employee Monica Cole, calls the ad “inappropriate on so many levels and is clearly trying to desensitize viewers.” One Million Moms launched an e-petition “urging Hilton to immediately withdraw its ‘Two Gay Dads'” ad, but unlike most of their other “campaigns” against pro-LGBTQ companies, they did not promise to boycott or threatened with prosecution. if they don’t.

Related: Congress Vows To Ensure Whites ‘Stay In The Majority’ If Elected

In an email sent this week, Cole wrote to readers, “Hilton’s current ‘Make an Entrance with the Hilton App’ ad attempts to normalize sin by featuring two men with a young boy. The two fathers are shown walking through the hotel lobby and to their bedroom while a father carries the sleeping toddler. “

Cole says it’s “Hilton wants to make it clear where they stand on this controversial subject, instead of remaining neutral in the culture wars,” a line she has proclaimed in previous “campaigns.”

Cole also repeats past claims that his organization is here to “stand up for Bible truth,” citing Bible verses. Romans 1: 26-27, which promises that people who indulge in sexual lust will receive a “penalty” for their “mistake”.

“Romans 1: 26-27 is very clear about this particular type of sexual perversion,” she further warns. “There are concerns about how this ad advances the LGBTQ agenda, but of even greater concern is that the ad is shown when children are likely to be watching television. “

The 15-second ad, released by Hilton in September 2021, simply features two dads – one carrying a sleeping child – in front of a receptionist gesturing them to be silent as they enter their hotel room, s ‘recording with Hilton’s new mobile app. A narrator says, “At the Hilton, check in, choose your room, and unlock your door, all within the Hilton app, saving the rarest species – the sleeping toddler.

One Million Moms regularly denounces “the cancellation of culture”, while launching continuous and continuous “boycotts” of various companies which offend their delicate sensibilities. Boycotts involve running “petition” campaigns, asking people to fill out a generic contact form on their page and sign up for the group’s emails in protest.

Currently, their website claims to have 11,000 signatories demanding that Hilton “stick to promoting your business, without making political and social statements.” While the e-petition does not ask readers to pledge not to support the Hilton brands, the attached message signatories agree to read reads: “I’m not joining your social agenda to push the gay lifestyle and redefining the family. “

AFA was particularly indignant at an announcement for Hilton hotels in 2016, published in Travel + Leisure Magazine. At the time, Hilton responded to their demands that the business be kept “family-owned” by stating, “Hilton Worldwide is a culturally diverse company serving diverse guests… We are proud to represent and reflect the diversity of our customers in our advertising. “

Hilton Worldwide, which also owns the Curio, Embassy Suites, Homewood Suites and Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts hotel brands, is part of the Human Rights Campaign list of the “Best Workplaces for LGBTQ Equality 2021”.

In 2021, they spoke out against Gillette because of videos the company posted promoting their Gillette Venus line of razors and other products specifically designed for shaving pubic hair. The video One Million Moms describes in its call to boycott the company is a tutorial, not an advertisement, but they still said it was “obscene” and “inappropriate” to portray women having sex with each other. to shave.

Then, last month, they called for a boycott of Sephora because one of their vacation ads doesn’t just feature women, who are their “main clientele.”

Other recently launched “campaigns” by Cole and the AFA are against Sepagainst a mattress company which has shown several same-sex pairs using their product in an advertisement, Sonic Drive-In to present an advertisement with people who are not wearing bras, Eli Lilly and Company for promoting diversity and equality, Etsy for allowing people to sell artwork or dolls on their site, and General Motors for promoting electric cars.

In 2019, One Million Moms infamously Hallmark temporarily banned an ad because it featured a lesbian couple, before company management stepped in and made a 180.

Since then, Cole and the AFA have lobbied against all kinds of brands who have dared to show their support for LGBTQ people. Whether it’s cartoons with dogs, dish soap, fruit, hummus, Oreos, movies with Cyclops or wrapping paper, the One Million Moms group has been there, trying to make it happen. cancel anyone who dares to acknowledge the existence of LGBTQ people.

Watch Hilton’s ad below.

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100% Free Lebanese Dating Site – Free Chat for Everyone https://68long.com/100-free-lebanese-dating-site-free-chat-for-everyone/ Sat, 08 Jan 2022 08:15:13 +0000 https://68long.com/100-free-lebanese-dating-site-free-chat-for-everyone/ 100 Percent Free Lebanese Dating Site – Free Chat For Everyone

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Rebelde Made Me Gay (And Netflix Remake Tells Our Weird Tales) https://68long.com/rebelde-made-me-gay-and-netflix-remake-tells-our-weird-tales/ Sat, 08 Jan 2022 00:28:22 +0000 https://68long.com/rebelde-made-me-gay-and-netflix-remake-tells-our-weird-tales/

The age-old proverb says: “If you were a little too Obsessed by Rebel at nine, replaying scenes on YouTube, concerts and music videos, and watching scantily clad singers for a bit too long – you most definitely are gay. Of course, this is a phenomenon well known to former Gen Z Latinx gays only in retrospect. In the eyes of third and fourth graders watching the 2004 Mexican novela about a group at a super-elite boarding school (the Rebel remake hit netflix this week), there was a plethora of excuses ready to explain our totally non-homosexual obsessions: from professing our love of music or history to asserting “I just want to to be them!”

And I am no exception.

I actually wasn’t allowed to watch the novela in third grade when everyone in my class was obsessed with it (and I’m talking obsessed! My class even performed a themed dance on our talent show, short skirts and all). But, I was not completely private. I bought every album as soon as it came out, the first one under my Christmas tree when I was eight years old. But more importantly, I had the movie from the concert. RBD Generation Tour In Vivo – the fictional band was a real band called RBD, releasing top hits until the show ended in 2006 – on DVD. It was for me what the novela was for everyone: a cheerful awakening.

Not that I knew at the time. As a student at a private Catholic school with helicopter parents in Puerto Rico and very little internet access, I didn’t even know what gay was. has been. But I can’t stress how many times I’ve watched this damn movie, my eyes only on the girls on stage. The hair, the tiny skirts, bikini tops from the year 2000 – all! – was iconic. I couldn’t look away. I told myself that I was jealous of them, that I was just admiring fashion. Lies, of course. Compulsive heteronormality really choked me.

Because the group was made up of an equal number of guys and girls, they were – of course – often paired up (both in gigs and in the novela itself). The main couples were Mia and Miguel, Roberta and Diego, and Giovanni and Lupita. Sometimes they mixed that up in concerts, but most of the time you were more of the Mia / Miguel or Roberta / Diego type. “While all the other girls wanted to be with Diego because he was cute or something, I wanted to to be him, I wanted to be in his place, I wanted Roberta to want me! Maria Isabel Cardona, a 24-year-old actress and singer from Puerto Rico, said.

Opposed to the male characters in the series (and more specifically in the group), the female characters were divided into very clear archetypes. Mia was the fashionable blonde rich girl who always wore a star on her forehead, Lupita was the innocent dark-haired good girl with a secret sexy side, and Roberta was the dyed red-haired bad-girl rocker with an attitude. . Want to guess the lesbian favorite?

Roberta, duh.

I did not see this part of the Video clip “Aún Hay Algo” where Alfonso skips shirtless, but I would like rewind to the beginning with Dulce mariathe cleavage of (who played Roberta) and the scene with Lupita (played by Maite Perroni) dancing sensually and slowly by herself. “The character of Roberta, like any ‘dark’ character, was a huge gay wake-up call for me growing up. Something about the grungy girl characters was hot,” Cardona says.

If you identify as a lesbian now (or at least Sapphic or queer), you remember the look very well. “The uniforms were very revealing. Of course, my gay awakening happened because of it, ”says Sofia Sanchez, Instagram influencer and spiritual brand owner. Softcare, and another RBD-made-me-gay believer.

the uniforms. A Halloween staple by now, the Elite Way School shorts skirts, loose tie, and white knotted buttons are incredibly recognizable.

But it’s not just the outfits or even the hot girls that made us all gay, it’s the songs. From heart-wrenching desire to the most dramatic sad songs (lesbian-only emotions, duh), these are certainly the gayest straight lyrics of our modern age. For example, in one of my favorites, “Liso Sensual”, “La vi llegar como una diosa entre la gente”. When have you ever heard a man describe a woman as a goddess? Exactly.

As a true fan, I can sing any lyrics to every song, but when I was a kid my favorite parts to sing were always the men. One of the most underrated bops of the century since the first album was “Futuro Ex-Novio”, A song that should be the most straight of all. Wrong. He is the most cheerful. Give it all to a girl knowing it won’t work at all? It’s the full lesbian experience, babe!

Joking aside, the lesbian portrayal, just like the Afro-Latinx portrayal, on the original Mexican novela was non-existent. But there is real hope for the Netflix remake in 2022. The first trailer hinted at potential sexual tension between two female characters, which the teaser made official by showing a scene of them having sex. to kiss.

Andi, this resident queer female character, is exactly what I needed as a young gay man. See her gay man panicking while talking to his crush? See Luka, our other resident gay character, criticize someone for not using the neutral term “todes” in the first episode? It was all heartwarming and amazing. Take a page from Gossip Girl redo, characters see and are strange. And while high school kids having sex are typical of these shows, the Rebel remake at least make sure their uniforms are actually school-appropriate.

I admit it, when I first heard the words “Rebel redo, ”I cringed – like everyone in my generation. The band and the songs are still a part of my life and I didn’t want someone to replace them. But after walking the memory lane and realizing that my gay awakening happened by accident with no real representation behind me and so many others, we are delighted that this new generation has some real weird stories and characters to cling to. .

“I love that I’m not the only one who is a lesbian and can look back on their childhood and say, ‘ohhhh, that makes a lot of sense. I wasn’t weird, I just liked girls, ”Sanchez says. While we were fighting through the comphet and trying to explain the attraction, I hope the remake will give some news Rebel fans a word to describe their feelings. Plus I’m sure Andi is already someone’s gay awakening just like Roberta was ours.

Like what you see? How about a little more R29 goodness, here?

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